Section 2: Bidding

The only way to earn money in BIG is through completing work on jobs. Therefore, to achieve your goals of maintaining your business and earning profit, you will need to bid on many jobs. Each period you will be charged office overhead, which is your cost of keeping your business running. If you are not able to earn enough income to both recover job costs and cover your office overhead expenses, you will start to lose capital and eventually go bankrupt.

Every period, each company must decide which jobs to bid on, the bid price, and which of the five methods to use for every activity. Work scheduling is very important in the selection of the methods so that projects can be completed by the contractual deadlines and the costs reduced as much as possible. Each bid price submitted should cover all the firm's direct job costs, all its overhead expenses, and the desired profit.

The bidding process is described in the following pages:

Estimated Time and Cost Report
Scheduling Methods