Company Appraisal Metrics

Company Appraisal Metrics

Most of your decisions in BIG will be internal to your company. Though these decisions are internal, they can contribute to the external image your company portrays in the world. Competitors, customers, potential customers and all other entities in the contruction market have an opinion of your company based on your successes and failures in various areas. Your successes and failures are based on the internal decisions of your company, so there will often be overlap between your internal image of your company and the external image others have of you.

You may be interested to know how you are viewed by the rest of the market. To do this you must purchase a report from a private consulting firm that describes your performance in serveral different aspects. Each aspect has a metric, or measurement, associated with it that measures your success in that area. For most aspects the metric is a simple rating of 1 to 5, where a 5 means your company excels in that area while a 1 means you are failing miserably. These metrics are refered as "Company Appraisal Metrics" and are available on the Company Appraisal Metric Report. This is a consulting report meaning you must pay a fee to view it.

Metrics are provided for each of the following areas:
  • Financial Liquidity: This is your ability to manage your cash on hand so that you have sufficient amounts to cover your work in progress.
  • Financial Success: How fast your company is increasing (or decreasing) equity.
  • Responsibility: Your ability to make thorough, well-planned decisions.
  • Pace: Your ability to complete jobs on time.
  • Ethics: Whether your company makes honest, ethical decisions.
  • Name Recognition: How well your company is known to the construction world.

The last area listed on the report is Job Type. Companies often chose to specialize in one type of job. This last aspect lists the types of jobs your company has worked on.

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