Completing BIG

Completing BIG

A game of BIG will last for as many periods as your instructor chooses. When the administrator decides the game is over, the game simply ends. When the game ends there will be no further period updates, so there is no reason to enter in any more decisions.

At the end of the game there are several ways to evaluate your success. One way is to see how much your equity has grown over the course of the game. Another way is to compare your final equity to that of other companies. The number of jobs you won through bidding and the number you successfully completed on time are also good measures of your success.

Your instructor will provide you with details on how you will actually be graded on your BIG performance. Keep in mind that your grade may include being able to explain why you made certain decisions, how you knew they were the right decision, and how much you understand of the bidding and management process as it works in BIG.

Remember that the most important thing in BIG is to learn. At the start of the game you will likely find yourself losing money quickly. This is okay because it takes some time to understand the BIG software and to start understanding what is going on. What is important is that you begin to be able to identify problems with your strategy and correct them. It can be more impressive to bring a company back from bankruptcy than it is to make an already stable company better.

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