Interacting with BIG

Company Inbox

When you first login to BIG you will be taken to your company inbox. Your inbox contains all messages sent to you each period from other game entities. You may view your inbox at any time by selecting the Inbox link on the navigation bar.

Here are some examples of entities that might send you a message:
  • PJC - PJC stands for "Public Job Customer" and is the organization in BIG that acts as the customer for all public jobs.
  • TBC - TBC is "The Bonding Company" and is the organization that bonds all player companies in BIG.
  • Private Customers - Each private customer is identified by number and may contact you from time to time with job offers.

Click on a message in your inbox to view that message. Some messages, such as job offers, will contain links to other areas of BIG. Messages are only sent during period updates so you do not need to check your inbox for new messages more than once per period.

Interaction with BIG
Job Information