Labor Availability Index

Labor Availability Index

A surplus or shortage of labor can have a significant impact on the progress and labor cost of a job. Each period, BIG determines the availability of labor and uses that information to make the following adjustments to both labor cost and job progress:

Labor Availability Cost of Labor ($/CU) this period
Very Good reduced between 6 and 8 percent
Good reduced between 2 and 5 percent
Balanced no change
Unsatisfactory increased between 1 and 4 percent
Extremely Unsatisfactory increased between 5 and 8 percent

Labor Availability Number of work days this period
Unsatisfactory decreased by three days
Extremely Unsatisfactory decreased by six days

To view labor availability, select "Labor Availability Report" from the Main Menu. If you do not want to view the report you may select the back button. You must agree to pay the price by selecting 'Yes' before you may view the report.

Tip: The estimates provided for labor cost on the Productivity Report and Estimated Time and Cost Report are also subject to a small amount of uncertainty in addition to the affects of labor availability. The bounds on this uncertainty are listed in the Productivity Report.

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